Take control of your pool.

This app does everything you could possibly need it to do to effectively manage your Skimbot and maintain your pool in the tip-toppest of shape. Download it for FREE in the app store today.

Remote control

Intuitive controls let you take over Skimbot

Unique scheduling

Set wake times, side wall washing, and power usage

Bluetooth access

Pair with your Skimbot without the need of WiFi

picture of app in front of skimbot robot

Warning notices

Too hot? Too cold? Low power? Skimbot will let you know

Anti theft

Lock Skimbot from the app to prevent robot-napping

Silent mode

Enable silent operation that mutes alarms as needed

Download the Quickstart App Guide

Want to know how close you are to the Skimbot app? As far away as you are from that button right there. Download the PDF quickstart guide for additional instructions on how to install the app on your smart device.

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