How do Skimbot and the Solar-Breeze compare?

Solar-powered surface skimming is so ingenious that in recent years robots with this capability have carved out a new category for themselves in the pool cleaning industry. Surface cleaning is the key to a sparkling clean pool because it prevents debris from sinking, which eliminates algae and bacteria growth, and means that less filtration and sanitization are required. It’s time to #DitchTheNet forever. In this blog, we take a closer look at Skimbot and the Solar-Breeze NX2, two popular products that were designed to devour debris.

Skimbot & Solar-Breeze share similarities:

·       Powered by the sun

·       Ability to function 24/7

·       Free of hoses and cords

·       Can withstand severe rain and dust storms

·       Debris tray double the size of traditional pool filter basket

·       Ideal for all pool surfaces

·       Multidirectional navigation

·       Reduces pool pump run time by 60%

·       Reduces wear and tear on other pool equipment

·       Spend less on chemicals, treatments and cleaning services

·       Reduces carbon footprint


·       1-year limited warranty 

Skimbot is a new-to-market solar powered pool cleaner that focuses on surface cleaning with IoT capabilities to remove large debris from the top of the pool. Here are some unique features of Skimbot:

·       Skimbot App allows for smartphone integration so that users can manually operate a variety of settings from the comfort of their homes to optimize their pool cleaning routines.

·       App features include navigation control, pool temperature monitoring, battery status, adjustments to specific operation time, speed, distance to edge, surface type, and so much more.

·       Debris washing & Edge cleaning: When Skimbot reaches the edge of the pool, the Debris Washing feature first rotates the front paddle wheel in the opposite direction to force water up against the wall and loosen debris from the edge. Once the debris is loosened, the Edge Cleaning feature removes the accumulated debris by spinning the front paddle wheel at a high RPM to create greater suction that pulls debris from the edge into the debris collection chamber.


·       Second-to-none customer service

The Solar-Breeze NX2 is the latest model of the Solar-Breeze solar-powered pool skimmer. Features of the Solar-Breeze NX2 include:

·       A mesh filter tray that collects fine, large and extra-large debris

·       Ability to distribute chlorine & administer shock treatments


·       Complimentary attachments are available for ease-of-use in beach entry pools, pools with rock outcroppings, and pools with challenging corners and edges.

Have thoughts on this pool cleaning match? Let us know below.

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