How to Store Skimbot for Winter

If you live in a part of the world that doesn’t provide a climate warm enough to keep your pool open in the winter, you will want to safely store Skimbot to ensure that she is fully functional next swim season. 

1. Regularly clean Skimbot's solar panels, and clean her well before storing.

When cleaning out the debris tray, wipe down Skimbot with a damp cloth to remove dirt and mineral build-up on the unit. Regular soap or a mild household cleaner can also be used to keep the robot clean. Remove all dirt and debris from the moving components such as the side and front wheels.

2. Charge the battery to 75% capacity.

Skimbot is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery located inside. This battery is charged by two 6-Watt solar panels located on top of the unit. Simply place Skimbot in the sun to charge her, and check the Skimbot App to see what the capacity is at.

3. Place the robot in a dry place.

The storage temperate cannot be below 32°F.

4. Power Skimbot up when it's swim time!

After the robot has sat idle for months, it is important to manually rotate all of the wheels before powering her up. Then, drop in, turn on, tan out!

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