Pool Service Professional of 25-Years is Impressed with Skimbot

When Skimbot launched in 2020, the creator of Swimming Pool Learning, the #1 Swimming Pool Channel on YouTube, just had to get his hands on the solar-powered pool skimmer to do a review for his 70,000 subscribers.



“If your pool gets a lot of debris all week long, Skimbot is a perfect addition to help keep the surface clean,” said David Van Brundt in his review video. “It will also keep the automatic cleaner on the bottom from getting clogged up with leaves as it picks up a lot of them before they sink to the bottom. It’s a great way to keep your pool looking clean and swim-ready all week long.” 

Here are the key features that he noticed about the pool robot right away: 


·       The Skimbot App is easy to download & navigate

·       Remote control function is helpful in spot cleaning

·       Skimbot is lightweight and compact

·       There are no chords or hoses

·       It’s panels are charged fully by the sun

·       The unit stores extra power in internal battery

·       The debris basket is easy to remove

·       Front paddle can draw in up to one skimmer basket of debris

·       Four infrared sensors help Skimbot avoid obstacles

o   1:02 video mark to see it operate on shallow area near baja step 

o   1:15 video mark to see it operate around a ladder

·       Skimbot has no problem navigating around cleaner hoses

·       Picks up large and small debris


o   2:45 video mark to see David’s debris


David currently maintains a pool route and is in ‘the trenches’ every day. With extensive experience in water chemistry, automatic cleaners, pool filtration, pool equipment, and automated systems, his opinion on our solar-powered pool robot holds weight.



Start utilizing surface skimming magic today!

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