Skimbot App: Easiest Way to Autonomously Clean a Swimming Pool

Thanks to technology, homes have more ways to become automated. With Skimbot you can monitor and conveniently adjust settings on your swimming pool’s surface skimming routine right from your phone so that your pool is always swim ready. Simply download the Skimbot App to instantly control a variety of settings. In this blog, discover how to have an app integrated pool cleaning routine with Skimbot: 

Information Bar

From the information bar at the top of the app, you can determine water temperate, watts of power being absorbed by solar panels, battery charge, and quality of connection. 

Adjusting Operation Time – Daytime, Nighttime & Start Delay

The battery life & daily operating cycle time of Skimbot can be extended by taking advantage of the intermittent operation features of the unit. Intermittent operation means that the unit runs for a specified amount of time and then shuts down or pauses for a specified amount of time. In the daytime, the battery can recharge more rapidly during periods of pause since no power is being used to run Skimbot. At night, periods of pause preserve the power in the battery and may extend nighttime operation. 

Remote Control

With the ahead, back, left, and right slider, glide the robot across the surface of your pool to target specific trouble areas and play a fun game of capture the debris. To enable cruise control, simply use the slider to select the desired direction and speed of motion, then select the HOLD button. Selecting the EDGE button will cause the unit to go through its Debris Washing & Edge-Cleaning function. 

Debris Washing & Edge Cleaning

Debris can often collect at the edge of the pool where the water line touches the tile wall. Debris Washing works in conjunction with Edge Cleaning. When it reaches the edge of the pool, Skimbot first rotates the front paddle wheel in the opposite direction to force water up against the wall and loosen debris from the edge. Once the debris is loosened, the Edge Cleaning feature removes the accumulated debris by spinning the front paddle wheel at a high RPM to create greater suction that pulls debris from the edge into the debris collection chamber. The standard setting for this feature is ECO, meaning that it is only activated occasionally to help preserve battery charge. Other settings include:

·        Off

·        Standard: edge cleaning is activated each time the robot touches to pool edge.

·        Intensive: Multiple sections of pool edge are cleaned each time the robot reaches the edge of the pool.

·        Perimeter: The robot only cleans the edge of the pool.


The factory setting speed will result in the surface of an average residential pool being fully covered in about two hours. Selecting low speed will draw less battery power and extend the operating time of the unit. Selecting high speed will result in the pool surface being covered more rapidly.

Distance to Edge

Users can adjust the sensitivity of the robot for turning as it approaches the edge of the pool. Skimbot can either get very close to the edge before turning, or can turn well before it reaches the edge. The factory setting is ‘Middle’, with the options being Very Low, Low, Middle, High, and Very High. 

Surface Type

Select between a standard pool configuration or a more natural water feature such as a pond with more irregular or natural edges.


Key Lock

Activating Key Lock prevents a water feature from inadvertently impacting the Start/Stop button on the switch panel of the robot, causing the robot to turn off. Key lock can also be used as an anti-theft feature as it will only allow the robot to be turned off using the Skimbot App.


For a deeper dive into the features above and for step-by-step instructions on downloading the app, pairing to your device, and changing factory settings, visit the user manual.

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