Key Lock Feature Keeps Skimbot Operating Near Water Features + Keeps Her Safe

Easily take back control of your pool with Skimbot, a user-friendly, surface-cleaning technology that saves you time, energy and money. The Skimbot App allows for easy remote-control operation and the ability to manage functions that best serve your pool’s unique cleaning needs. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of the app’s Key Lock function.


Key Lock Keeps Her from Turning Off Near Water Features

One huge benefit to activating Key Lock is keeping Skimbot operating near water features. Sometimes, when Skimbot encounters a water feature it will inadvertently turn off. The force of the water impacts the Start/Stop button on the robot’s switch panel, located on the top surface of Skimbot. Turning on Key Lock allows users to ‘lock’ the Start/Stop button so that there is no impact when water hits the switch board, which ensures that it keeps paddling through the water to gather all debris

Lock Keeps Her from Being Used by Anyone Else


Skimbot is a desirable lady. As a sexy, intelligent, and completely solar-powered surface skimmer that checks all the pool cleaning boxes, who wouldn’t want her?! To keep Skimbot safe from backyard burglars who might have their eye on your pool technology, active Key Lock. This feature can be used to prevent theft as it will only allow Skimbot to be turned on using the App. When your Skimbot is connected to your smart device, it will not connect to any other device.


How to Activate Key Lock


To turn on Lock Key, download the Skimbot App and visit the setup menu to activate. Let this awesome lady take a dip in your pool so that you can enjoy all your time swimming, and virtually no time cleaning.

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