Skimbot’s Value Goes Beyond Surface Skimming

Increasing your pool’s use of solar power by investing in Skimbot will save you time, money and energy – guaranteed. Many folks are interested in adding the pool robot to their pool cleaning regime but sometimes question the cost at checkout. Here is how Skimbot’s value goes far beyond keeping your pool healthy:



Ditch the Net to Save Time

Purchasing Skimbot means investing in an intelligent robot that will serve you well for years. Ditch the net and never hand-skim again.



Plus, Skimbot offers unique features like edge cleaning, adjustable operating time, debris washing, speed settings, and more so that you can create a custom pool-cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Easily download the Skimbot App to set your preferences, turn her on, drop her in, and tan out while she does her thing.



Save Energy & Money

·       Skimbot reduces the need for chemicals, treatments and cleaning service. She gathers debris before they have the chance to sink, causing less bacteria growth and need for chemicals.


·       Less filtration is required when you have less debris and bacteria growth. Skimbot allows users to reduce their pool pump run time by up to 60 percent, which saves homeowners hundreds each year.


·       Skimbot helps extend the life of other pool maintenance equipment by encouraging them to not work so hard to keep your pool clean.


·       Skimbot is a less expensive way to make your pool solar.


·       She is also a less expensive way to clean your
pool in comparison to bottom cleaning robots on the market.


Still not buying that our gal is the very best when it comes to maintaining a crystal-clear pool? Take it from proud Skimbot owners:


“I was skeptical since our pool is notorious with the pool service techs as being the worst one on their route, it always has been a royal pain in the a**. I would spend 20 to 30 minutes every evening with a net to keep the baskets and pump from getting plugged up. I didn’t that Skimbot would do the job, but two weeks later I was wrong,” said Scott S. “Although it seems expensive, I have not cursed at my pool since I opened the box, dropped it in the pool and turned it on. I am quite simply amazed at the product and have recommended it to others. Well made, simple to deploy, no hassle.”  


 “I have been using Skimbot for four days and I love it. It saves me so much time already. The settings are very flexible so I can program for a constant cleaning if I want the pool looking awesome for guests. The robot picks up big oak leaves, bugs and fine cottonwood seeds,” said John, Skimbot owner. “It has a neat way of cleaning the edges – it slows down as it approaches a wall, touches the wall and then speeds up to splash the edges clean. There is a lot of clever technology going on here with the app’s remote control. I am impressed so far.”


If Skimbot checks all your boxes, give her a whirl. Don’t forget to leave a review!

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